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Mini Special Sapin-Sapin

Mini Special Sapin-Sapin made extra yummy with macapuno, ube halaya, and sweetened jackfruit! In fun mini-size, this Filipino sticky rice cake is perfect for parties!

Welcome to day 3 of our holiday series! I hope you’re enjoying all the new recipes because there’s more coming your way in the next three weeks.

When I asked viewers on my Facebook page for Noche Buena ideas, one of the top answers was desserts or, more specifically, kakanin. Not surprising as we, Filipinos, do love our sweets. 🙂

So today, I am following the soft and chewy ube biko from yesterday with a special sapin-sapin. I do have a simple recipe already up on the blog. Still, I thought I’ll make a more party-worthy version by adding macapuno, ube halaya, and sweetened jackfruit to the divided batters as well as steaming the mixture in puto molds.

The mini layered sticky rice cakes turned out not only tasty and delicious but also super cute and festive!

Flavor layers

This classic Filipino delicacy is made up of three colorful layers. Add the ingredients below to the batters for an extra yummy treat!

  • Purple Layer-¼ cup ube halaya and 3 to 4 drops ube flavor extract
  • Yellow Layer-¼ cup drained and chopped sweetened langka and3 to 4 drops langka flavor extract
  • White Layer-½ cup drained and chopped macapuno strings

Cooking tips

  • To keep the steamed cakes from sticking, grease the inner sides and bottom of the molds with coconut oil.
  • Whisk the batter until smooth and well-blended. To remove any lumps, pass through a fine-mesh sieve.
  • I use about 3 to 4 drops of each extract; the colors of the tinted batters will be light but will deepen when steamed and cooked.
  • I used store-bought purple yam jam sold in jars; if you prefer fresh, swap with ¼ cup mashed cooked ube.
  • I find ¼ cup of ube halaya enough to infuse the kalamay with purple yam flavor; adding more will change the texture of the ube layer.
  • For a more festive look, alternate the colorful layers for each mini mold.
  • Add these sticky cakes to your holiday menu! It does require a bit more work to steam in small containers, especially if you’re making for a large crowd, but I’m sure your guests will appreciate how easily they can help themselves to a piece (or two).

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